Thursday, March 31, 2016

Farewell, Courageous Catie

Today, heaven welcomed another angel.

Reading about the story of the Lucases and their beautiful daughter, Catie, is so inspiring and at the same time, heartbreaking. Ever since their story broke out on Social Media, I started reading up on their experiences and empathized with them. The rare form of leukemia, which happens in one in a million people, has devastated the family and left poor Catie stuck on her tubes and needles. But that didn't stop the family from seizing the day and looking at the bright side. Their story gave me hope. I admire them for their courage, their optimism, and their love. I admire their closeness as a family, and I admire how friends and even other people joined their battle.

Perhaps I've become a mother that's why I could somehow feel the pain they felt when Catie finally joined our Creator. I can't even imagine myself in such a situation. My daughter has just turned a year old, and I've been praying hard for her health and safety. But I can't help but think about the possibilities. In fact, I don't event want to think about it.

Courageous Catie has taught all of us a great lesson - cherish each moment with our loved ones. I'm looking forward to going home later today and spend time with my daughter.

To quote Mom's Basket, "You made me realize that a mother can love, smile, hope, pray, and grieve for a child she doesn't know and has never met."

Rest well, Catie. You've been brave.

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