Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hotel Hunt: Mandarin Oriental

The first hotel in our series of hotel visits is the Mandarin Oriental. This was the farthest out of all the hotels we planned to visit so we started here. Upon arriving, we were greeted by their friendly staff, who immediately accommodated us when we requested to see their rooms.

The lobby, and their 'grand' staircase

The hallway and the views from one oftheir  rooms

The standard bathroom design

The Club Suite

The Junior Suite (a. k. a. The Corner Room)

Of course we also requested for the price list, and we were a bit surprises that it wasn't all that expensive. 

Although the rooms are within (and lower) than our budget, we have some mixed feelings about this hotel. 

- Reasonably Priced
- Within Makati
- Standard rooms and the suite are what we were looking for

- No grand staircase
- Really old. Hallways aren't sparkly clean and paint is chipping off. Even the building exterior has obvious cracks
- No Spark

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