Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Budget Dilemma

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting and all, but then you start to think about it when you realize that you're going to be paying for it (or part of it). As I was building my Excel sheet of checklists and budget estimates, I started to get depressed. I mean, why the fug are weddings so expensive? How can you spend so much for just that one day? ONE DAY!

Marc and I have prepared financially for this wedding for the past 2 years, and we have set a budget for how much we want to spend on it. However, when we started canvassing suppliers and adding details to our wedding, we might have bit more than we could chew. There are so many added and hidden costs that you don't normally see when you're just thinking about it. It gets a whole lot complicated when you're actually working on it. And it's not even just a matter of whether we can afford or not. It's a matter of everything being fugging expensive!

So now our dilemma is, do we cut back on expenses and really go for the budget wedding? Or do we add a little to make this fugging ONE DAY extra special? It looks like we may have to go with the latter. Postpone our car plans for now...

Weddings - definitely a big business.

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