Friday, September 6, 2013

The Venue Hunt Begins!

So after finding our church, the next item on our list was the venue. Since our church is in Makati, we looked for places in or near Makati as our wedding reception. We looked at several options: from the really high end hotels to the cheap venues. When I received the quotes for the high end hotels, I almost fell off my chair. Whaaaat, THAAAAT expensive?!?

Immediately, I took those off my list. I also deleted those small venues that cannot accommodate our 250 headcount. So now we were left with the following:

1. R Space Events Venue
2. A. Venue Events Hall
3. Grandview Events Place
4. Lepanto Penthouse
5. WSI Corporate Center
6. The Pergola
7. Oceana

The firs five venues are all located jn Makati so we prioritized them first. I will share with you our assessment in the next posts.

Wish us luck!

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