Monday, September 9, 2013

Our First Food Tasting Event

This is a late post. But last September 1, Marc and I attended our first food Tasting event ever. I was lucky to register for the event the day before, thanks to the notifications from W@W. The event was held in the Blue Leaf Pavillion. 

When we arrived, we had no idea what to expect. We registered, grabbed our bag of goodies, and entered the main hall. Food, food, and more food greeted us. Luckily, Marc didn't have breakfast and lunch so he was dying to grab a meal. 

We tried to look around at first, but not knowibg what to do, we decided to ask the nearest guide-looking person. Apparently, the person was from Albergus Catering, so our first meal was from them. 

They served small portions of their appetizer, pasta, and main dish. We were both hungry, so everything tasted okay. Service and venue design were also okay.

The next caterer we had our sights on was Hizon's. I've had several friends who got Hizon's as their caterer, so I was really expextibg a lot. 

They also served their appetizer, pasta, main dish, and the best dessert bar there is. When it comes to dessert, Hizon's is ahead by a thousand miles. Marc loved the appetizer, but I wasn't too enthusiastic about it. I loved their roast pork: very tender and tasty. The AE who greeted us (Gierly) was also very friendly and helpful. 

Our next target was Juan Carlo the Caterer. We were a bit reluctant to go to their booth because there were a lot of people lining up. But when one of the AE's saw us scouting the place, she immediately entertained us. 

Out of all the caterers in the event, only Juan Carlo served us the full meal. They started with a soup, then with pasta, and thenall their entree meals of pork, beef, chicken, and fish. And on top of that -- two dishes of each kind. Our plates were full, and we had different dishes on our plates! We especially enjoyed their salmon in beer and cream sauce, and the sweet roast pork.

What really caught our attention was their service. The level of attention they gave us was extraordinary. When we informed them that the venue we've selected is Grandview, they directed us to their AE, Al. He was very accommodating.

By around this point, Marc and I were 90% leaning towards this caterer. Minus the dessert, everything else is perfect. 

The last caterer we visited was VS&F. I wasn't sure if the person manning their booth was tired or what, but I didn't like her attitude. I was asking questions but she aounded so bored and so lazy to answer me. Instead, she just asked us to take a seat and wait for the food. 

We weren't able to enjoy the food because 1) we were already full and 2) we felt that we weren't really welcome. Oh well. Definitely not getting this caterer. 

So anyway, we decided to not eat anymore and instead just look around. We found cake suppliers and dessert suppliers.

We didn't book anyone today, and we weren't planning to anyway. But we both enjoyed this experience. Looking forward to more!

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