Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hotel Hunt: Wedding Preparations

Another part of my checklist is looking for a hotel where we'll be staying at in preparation for the big day. Since our church and venue are in Makati, I canvassed the hotels in the Central Business District. We could probably settle for the low budget ones, but I' thinking this is where a lot of pictorials are going to happen so might as well invest on it.

So anyway, I have set some particular requirements in choosing the hotel:

1. Large, bonggang stairs
2. Spacious standard room (for the groom)
3. Spacious suite room (for the bride)

Marc and I dedicated an entire Saturday for this adventure. Since most of the hotels we'll be looking at are nearby, our battle plan was to go over all those hotels on foot (I thought it'd be exhausting, but the hotels aren't really that far from each other). Here are the hotels we visitedin order:

- Mandarin Oriental
- Makati Shangri-la
- Intercontinental Hotel
- Dusit Thani
- Holiday Inn Makati
- Fairmont / Raffles
- New World

If you set this at Google maps, it'll give you the most efficient route. I'll put my review of each hotel in separate posts. Stay tuned!

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