Monday, September 30, 2013

Hotel Hunt: Dusit Thani

When we entered Dusit Thani, Marc and I  were already in love with the smell and ambiance. It felt as if we were in a spa, in Nuat Thai to be more specific. The golden pillars of the lobby were very beautiful. We were greeted by a Japanese receptionist, so we had to converse in English the whole time.

The staircase wasn't as grand, but it would do. The rooms are also not bad. And of course, the prices were reasonable. 

 The lobby. I could just imaging have my pictures taken here.

The standard room and the suite. Not as big, but definitely comfy.

The bathroom

- Beautiful, elegant
- Reasonable prices
- In the heart if Makati and along EDSA

- Staircase not as grand

Dusit Thani is definitely a contender in the  top spot of our hotel hunt! The price is just right, and the rooms are just right.

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