Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Church Hunt #2: National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(Okay, so save the best for last)

The second church in Makati we visited was the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I've never heard of this church before, but apparently, this was my hubby-to-be's sister's first choice when she got married. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't available on their preferred date.

Anyway, the moment we approached the church, I could feel my heart beating faster. It was small and traditional with glass windows. There was a mass on-going when we arrived, and since we already heard mass at Don Bosco, we decided to just stay until the mass was over. When everyone has exited the place, we looked around and took some pictures.

The entrance door. Still, not dramatic

The gorgeous altar. Very traditional

Outside the church

Space outside the church

National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Address: 4 Sacred Heart St. (formerly Dao St.), San Antonio Village, Makati City
Tel: 895-6331; 899-6107
Telefax: 899-6340

Rate: P10,000 without Aircon; P 25,000 inclusive of aircon, flowers, carpet, offertory candles, wine & bread, organist & soloist


  • Just the right size (Not too spacious, not too small)
  • Air-conditioned
  • Long aisle
  • Beautiful Altar
  • Kilig Factor


  • Still no dramatic wooden door
  • Location is a bit a challenge

I just had this tingling feeling that this is our church. My heart raced, my grin was undeniable, and I just had this kilig moment the moment I stepped inside. We looked for their office right away. It was already 12 noon, but the very nice Ate Jo accommodated us even though it was already her lunch time.

Our hearts sank a bit when we saw how early other couples have booked the church. as early as 1 year. Our preferred dates were no longer available. We wanted a weekend wedding, but all dates of May and June were already blocked. April is too early, and July is too late. We looked at each other's eyes, we were lost, because we both know that we wanted this church.

But Ate Jo was very very helpful when she said, "You know what, MM-DD is still open. And it's a holiday." Marc's and my eyes suddenly lit up as we flipped through the calendar. It was indeed available. Without a second thought, we pencil booked!

We also paid the downpayment of P6,000 after three days. We're good to go! One down off our wedding check list! This is it, Pansit!

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